Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Clipart of Bible

FCA group picture 2016-2017

Guest speaker talking with FCA students.

Guest speaker Tyson Cunningham spoke with FCA students.  He is a former MSU basketball player and member of FCA of Mississippi State.

Guest speaker talking with FCA students.

FCA group picture 2014-2015

2014-2015 Members

See you at the pole 07-08

See You At The Pole, 07-08

Sponsor: Mr. Burns


FCA helps students with their relationship with God by talking to others about their beliefs.

This group was started by students in 2000-2001 with the help of Mr. Burns, but at that time it was known as Youth Alive. Since FCA was a nationally sponsored name, it was changed to have outside recognition.

Anyone can come to the meetings to worship, which usually start on Wednesday mornings at 7:30.

Each year, FCA takes part in See-You-At-The-Pole, a national event where students gather at the flag pole of their schools to pray and have a devotion. 

FCA gives students a chance to find other people who share their beliefs, not only at Leake Central High School, but at some colleges too. For more information you can come to a Wednesday Morning Worship or you can visit www.FCA.org.