Awards Day

Mr. Burns giving a speech


The program honored senior students took place Monday night of Monday May 15, 2017.  Underclassman were honored the next evening.

Mrs. Horn giving an award to a student

 Over one thousands awards were given away for A's earned, along with many other achievements. 

Coach sparks giving medal to a student in Cullen's class

Scholarships and awards where presented to many seniors for community service, ACT scores, and accomplishment in academics and athletics.

Mr. Burns giving student award

A student receiving a medal


Mrs. Horn giving an award to a student

Scholarships Given Include
  • ACT Scholarship--for students who scored a 20 or above on the ACT Test

  • BETA Club

  • Mississippi State University

  • University of Mississippi

  • William Carey College

  • Republican Scholarship

  • Carthage Rotary Club

  • Cox-Powers Insurance

  • ECCC

  • Leake County Jr. Miss

Other Awards
  • Academic Awards--given in each subject to students whose average a 90 or above for the whole year

  • Accelerated Reader

  • Citizenship

  • Perfect Attendance

  • STAR Student--chosen by teachers

  • STAR Teacher--chosen by STAR student

  • Vo-Tech