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Depth of Knowledge

Understanding Depth of Knowledge in the Curriculum Frameworks and Assessment

PowerPoint presentation of the training videos has been provided. Click on the link below; "Understanding DOK in the Curriculum Frameworks & Assessment".

Training videos from Project Stream organized into five modules with a self-assessment "Quick Quiz" at the end of each module. Click on the module title below to access the video.

THE RTI process/ TST Team
Leake Central High School has a team of knowledgeable people who serve as a Teacher Support Team (TST). Teacher Support Teams utilize a process to provide assistance to the school staff in improving the academic and behavioral performance of struggling students. The team's purpose is to identify struggling students, provide strategic, scientifically research based instructional interventions based on curriculum data, and empower the school staff to  become more effective through analysis and alignment of resources.

The State of Mississippi has, through State Board of Education policy IEI, required this process to be developed and implemented in a consistent and effective manner.  The TST uses a model that consists of three tiers of instruction. Tier I includes quality classroom instruction that is based on the Mississippi Curriculum Frameworks. Tier II consists of focused supplemental instruction, and Tier III implements intensive interventions, specifically designed to meet the individual needs of students. The three-tier process is a prevention method that is aimed at ensuring that all children are successful.
Helpful Sites For Teachers
  • Common Core Curriculum Guide
    A list of many websites and information about Common Core, hosted at Mississippi State University.
  • GEAR UP Mississippi
    is a premier network of educational services aimed at enhancing the educational environment and broadening support for Mississippi students.